Hamilton Release Edition


I'd like to say that the focus of this edition is something other than Hamilton: The Movie. But I can't. Because it's not. 

Hamilton on Disney+ has dominated our lives. We live in a modest house in which the dining area and living room are one, and we rarely eat at the table. Every night since it's premiere, Hamilton has been on the TV as we are eating. It takes us three meals (and family time together) to get through the movie And every night has been incredibly enjoyable.

Here's what I'm in the middle of for this edition:

Audio - I found a podcast that has short episodes, short enough to make it to the grocery store listening to one, and home listening to another. Ted and PRX have teamed to produce Tedx Shorts, with no episode longer than 10 minutes.If you want to hear more of any single one, you can always search up an episode online.

Books (pleasure) - Just finished up a Father's Day gift, Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness, by Stephen Mitchell. Mitchell re-imagines the Joseph story and provides a few details and scenic views that the writers of the Bible left out.

Books (work) - Fanocracy by David Meerman Scott. This is the fourth book by Scott I have read, and he never disappoints. Great storytelling, great ideas. He's a frequent speaker at marketing conferences. Catch him at a virtual one, if you can. He does a lot of podcast guest spots, too. Follow him on Twitter, and he'll tell you where he's going to be next.

Music - Dion, to me, has always been Runaround Sue, which I grew up hearing over and over on oldies stations in the 1970s. But the man is much more than that. The latest release for the 80-year-old Dion, Blues with Friends, is dynamite. And so is his 2016 blues album, New York is My Home. Check them out on this playlist. 

Video - I told you already. It's been Hamilton, Hamilton, and Hamilton. What a great production. Filmed over the course of three or four shows to get wide shots and close ups, the movie gives us the chance to see facial expressions and subtleties we couldn't sitting the third-to-last row of The Bushnell in Hartford. If you haven't seen a free-trial offer, spend the $6.99 for a month of Disney+. It will be incredibly worth it. Just how good is it, it has a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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