Top Threes

Action 2010s 24
Action 2000s Robin Hood Merlin
Action 1990s Baywatch Lois and Clark
Action 1980s Knight Rider MacGyver The A Team
Action 1970s Emergency CHiPs Charlie's Angels
Comedies 2000s Seinfeld (reruns) Coach (reruns) Wings (reruns)
Comedies 1990s Everybody Loves Raymond Fraser Friends
Comedies 1980s Family Ties Growing Pains Cosby Show
Cheers Night Court Taxi
Comedies 1970s Happy Days Laverne and Shirley Mork and Mindy
Crime Dramas 2010s The Mentalist Blue Bloods Endeavor
Crime Dramas 2000s Law and Order (SVU) Pysch
Crime Dramas 1990s NYPD Blue 21 Jump Street
Crime Dramas 1980s Moonlighting Remington Steele Riptide
Crime Dramas 1970s Hart to Hart
Dramas 2010s Switched at Birth Once Upon a Time Parenthood
Dramas 2000s Lost
Dramas 1990s 90210 Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Dramas 1980s Doogie Howser The Wonder Years Greatest American Hero
Dramas 1970s Little House on the Prairie Eight is Enough
Maserpiece PBS 2010s Downton Abbey Poldark Endeavor
Maserpiece PBS 2000s Foyle's War Island at War
War Comedies Hogan's Heroes MASH