1:2 - On Cooking with Lauren Spagnoletti

What's exciting about this episode is that Helene talks extensively about the project she's just finishing. Give a listen to learn about her new book and when you'll be able to get it.

About Lauren Spagnoletti

A marketing consultant by day, a mom by night, and a cook whenever she can be, Lauren Spagnoletti has a passion for cooking. Whenever she gets a new cookbook, Lauren doesn't waste very much time before sitting down, studying the recipes, and planning the week's menu. The lucky beneficiaries of her culinary talent are her husband, Adam, and their two boys. And, of course, their neighbors in North Carolina. Lauren and Adam love to entertain, and Lauren never misses a chance to surprise their friends with something new and different.

What has she made recently? Check out Lauren's Instagram account, @food4everyoccasion, and find inspiration for your next meal.