I am new to the craft of poetry. Inspired by Sandy Carlson, poet laureate of Woodbury, CT, I started writing poems two years ago. As we discussed what she might do as poet laureate, I was fired up. I took pen in hand and crafted a piece entitled Bloody Lane.

I have been writing ever since. I've been reading books and taking part in workshops to learn and improve. I try experimenting with various forms, but I always come back to free or blank verse, and often end up editing poems in other styles back to those forms. I find that I'm not very interested at this point in life, to delve into the intricacies of all the forms out there. It's enough of a challenge for me to create something interesting and good in blank or free verse.

Thank you for clicking through to this section of my website. I hope you enjoying reading the verses you discover.

Photo credit: PX Fuel