100 Words in 100 Seconds Podcast

100 Words in 100 Seconds is a podcast of micro-fiction shared in less than two minutes per episode. Each installment is based on the flash-fiction stories that are published on this website.

What is nicro-fiction or flash-fiction, you ask? If you really did ask, and you really do want to know, take a look at this Gayle Towell article on LitReactor.

100 Words in 100 Seconds is published up to three times in a week. 

Young Artists & Composers

Here's a way to build your portfolio. Create original artwork or musical compositions for the 100 Words in 100 Seconds episodes. In return for your contribution, you'll get mentioned on the podcast, in the episode notes, on the website as a contributor, and in social media posts. You retain all rights to your work. Email 100in100@edwardiantiomes.net for more. 

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