Importance of Self-Communication


The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle: 1 (Rick Riordan)

Book Beginnings: "My name is Apollo. I used to be a god."

Friday 56: "Perhaps you are wondering how I could act so confident and calm. In fact, I was terrified. My sixteen-year-old mortal instincts were screaming, RUN! My knees were knocking together, and my right eye had developed a nasty twitch. But the secret to dealing with plague spirits was to keep talking so as to appear in charge and unafraid."

On Page 100: "...prophecies are the catalysts for every important event—every quest or battle, disaster or miracle, birth or death. Prophecies don’t simply foretell the future. They shape it! They allow the future to happen.”


Book Beginnings: "There's no denying it, communication is important! In fact, one could easily make the case that communication is central to being human."

Friday 56: "...many people are surprised at how much negative self-talk they actually engage in once they learn to listen to themselves and notice it in all its manifestations."

On Page 100: "You might hear yourself saying that people really don't like you and that's why they don't invite you places or that you're lazy because you haven't worked out in two days. You're irresponsible because you forgot to pay your credit card bill. You're a horrible parent because you lost your patience with your child the other day. Answers like these come so easily to us because they “prove” the negative self-talk and back up these judgments. Here is where we have to remember to be compassionate with ourselves and look deeper..."

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This post is a part of the Book Beginnings and #Friday56 blogging memes. I've added one more level, a quote from page 100.