Salem Wharf Area

An early morning in the Salem, Massachusetts, wharf area on a cold, chilly, fall day a few years ago. I played with some filters on this one to catch some of the rays of the sun. The color wasn't very good to begin with, but I think I brought some of that out a little, too.

Salem is a great place to visit, especially in October, and one of my favorite places in New England. If you like Halloween, you'll like this coastal Massachusetts town.

The post is a part of Skywatch Friday.


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  1. I love how you played with filters until you got what you wanted. I like to use filters as well quite frequently.

    1. The purists would say not to touch them. That the lens should see what the eye did. But to me, that's for film and portraiture and serious business photography. The filters and editing are what add to the gun of digital photography.

  2. Pretty shot. I like the way you composed it, with the boat in the foreground.