Appreciating a February Sunrise


I'm a little late sharing this post to my site, but I have shared it on Twitter, where a friend of mine, Nick Kittle, as started a #300sos. Nick's meditation throughout a year, since he died, and was revived 20 seconds later, a few years ago, is to take and post 300 sunrise or sunset photos as a way to stop and appreciate life (see video below). Nick lives in Colorado, so his images are quite spectacular, just a bit more so than in tiny Woodbury.

Along with #300sos, I've added #5minutesaday and #sunmeditations to my posts. It makes quite a difference in a day if you can stop, look, and consider things bright and early or even as the day winds down. That's what Nick reminded me the exercise was about (not the number) when I complained one day that in my little corner of Connecticut we've had so many cloudy days that getting to 300 was going to be tough.

If you have a Twitter account, join us for #300sos #5minutesaday #sunmediations, and tag us @EdDzitko and @Kittlent. Let us know how you feel after a few pauses.