My Trouble with Poetry


The trouble with poetry

Says a former poet laureate

Is that it breeds more poetry.

True, more isn't always better,

But I don't mind the extra verses

In cards or books, or on blogs

That leads to the slaughter of

Trees and the use of the power grid

For Internet servers sucking up

Watt after watt and for what?

Peace, heartache, grief, love, anxiety?

For despair, longing, lust, hope?

The trouble with poetry

For me, who doesn't read and piece

The images together well

Is that I get lost amid

Commas and dashes and missing words

And I struggle to the ends.

I lose my way thinking from

Phrase to phrase and image to image

And all meaning escapes me.

I want the words to be clear

As the ex-poet laureate writes

True to ordinary life.


Photo credit: Sponchia on Pixabay