From Wine Poetry to Baseball Ballet


Wine is poetry in a bottle.

The words, the lines of each poem

Escape the mouths of those who sip

And need to tell you

About bouquet, aroma,

Fruit, nuts, or the hint of

Spice from an aged wooden barrel.

If you don't get wine, it seems strange

That that’s all detectable to a palette.

It’s like, if you don't get sports,

Listening to someone explain

The importance of mixing pitches,

Or throwing to the right base,

Or when it's best to hit and run.

I don’t get wine, but I understand

The subtleties of flavor

The breathing, timing, and twirling.

There are subtleties, too,

On a baseball diamond as 

The players perform the

Graceful ballet of infield practice.

Photo credit:  NARA & DVIDS Public Domain Archive