Octopus on a Skateboard

Crisp black lines drawn in ink,
Centered on canvas, show
An octopus riding a skateboard.
At first I think, is it moving?
What sense does it make,
For an octopus to just sit there,
One tentacle around the board
Holding tight, up where the people are?

On second glance, I notice
There's indeed momentum.
Pressured by flowing g-force,
One tentacle perhaps signaling right turn,
This octopus balances on six legs,
Leaning back, slightly,, sticking on board,
Water droplets splashing behind,
It's eyes just slits, it's wool hat
Secure upon its elongated head.

As if an octopus needs them,
After swimming fathoms deep
In ocean waters cold and warm,
Around reefs and obstacles galore,
I wonder where its goggles are.
Surely it would look more stylish,
Than it does in that silly cap,
Racing around skateboard parks,
Cool sports frames with UV lenses
Protecting bulging eyes from sun's rays.

This poem is an ekphrastic work based on the art of Steve Habersang.

Photo credit: Ed Dzitko