100 in 100: It's Your Turn 1

This is the first It's Your Turn episode for the 100 Words in 100 Seconds podcast.

This episode features an brief author talk with Laurence Simon of the 100-Word Stories Podcast, which you can find on Laurence's website.

Audience participation may include an original story, a response story to one of the podcast story readings, or a story to a prompt. The prompt for this show was friend, and there was one contribution.

100 Words in 100 Seconds - It's Your Turn

Nice, Clean Break (by Laurence Simon)

I played a lot of video games with my friend Jamie. He was supposed to be doing homework while undergoing dialysis treatments, but who would dare give a sick kid an F?

I was enough of a tissue match, and I gladly donated a kidney to him. And things were great. Best friends forever. Until I got sick. Kidney disease. Which means Jamie's also doomed.

We did some research, hacked some medical records. Found a guy nearby who's a match. And healthy, too. We'll break into his garage, cut his motorcycle's brake lines, and hope for a nice, clean accident.

It's Your Turn #2

That prompt is summer. Contributions due by July 8, for publication July 11. Use the online form, or email 100in100@edwardiantimes.net.

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